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Money Wisdom Coach  


Reshma is the founder of Flourish Bizcenter and is passionate about helping people who are stuck in transition put together a “get free” financial plan, so that they can become financially independent and not be afraid to take the next step sooner.


She provides customized financial coaching services to individuals, families and business owners and teaches them how to take control of their cash flow, so that they never worry about money again and fulfill their dreams in this lifetime.


"The failure rate of startups and small businesses is high in the first few years since they do not have a robust financial system in place. My service provides business owners the knowledge they need to be successful in their business. I have figured out the solution, so why should others go through the struggles I have already learned from experience," says Reshma. 


In her book, ‘Pandemic Budgeting & Finances’, in Chapter 6 titled Make Money While You Sleep – Millionaires Do It, Why Not You?, Reshma has explained the importance of having multiple streams of income and how she came about to partner with Legal Shield and Primerica.

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Research shows that self-made millionaires have at least three streams of income. This can be invaluable – not only for monetary val­ue, but because it will allow you to live the life you want, and it will hedge against whatever the future might throw at you; for instance, the coronavi­rus pandemic of 2020.

This pandemic crisis is a perfect illustration of how people with a single source of linear income, which is the source of income for more than 90% of people around the world, have been affected. Millions of peo­ple have lost their jobs and are collecting unemployment.

In her book, Reshma writes, “My point is, stop living paycheck to paycheck; have multiple streams of income and don’t get caught off-guard again – there is always a looming crisis on the horizon.”

Reshma added, “Precisely for this reason, I have multiple streams of income from the financial coaching business; LegalShield, a company that provides affordable legal services; and Primerica, a financial services company. These two companies are complementary to my coach­ing service and provide added value to my clients. They also generate passive income for me, so it is a win-win for both my clients and me. Are you unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic or looking to make extra income through business opportunities?"


"Let’s connect and chat to get to know each other and see how I can help you!”

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