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How to Use Piggy Banks and Stop Counting Sheep


The 2020 pandemic crisis is showing that people’s finances are out of whack and a lot of them are in bad shape and need help.

“It breaks my heart to see people struggle with their finances, one of the major factors is due to having bad money spending habits,” says author and financial coach, Reshma.


Having struggled with finances for over twelve years due to her ex-husband’s bad money spending habits, she knows exactly what people are going through today.


In her book she says, “Be it a crisis due to unemployment, recession, divorce, or the coronavirus pandemic, a crisis is a crisis and you need to switch to an emergency budget immediately.”

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Now you must be wondering, has she lost her mind? What on earth is a pandemic emergency budget? Reshma, in her book walks you through the process to create a budget versus an emergency budget, and how to make money in your sleep.


Having personally gone through several financial crises in her career, the 2008 recession, two divorces, and now the coronavirus pandemic, Reshma has written this book to share her personal life stories, give practical examples, and provide action steps on creating a pandemic (crisis) budget, using the power of auto­mation, and developing the mindset of a millionaire.  


Her future goals are to achieve financial freedom so that she can pursue her childhood dream of going on a world tour and own­ing a Hummer. Yes, she is fully aware of the gas bill that will come with it, but a girl wants what a girl wants.

Once she got rid of her ex-husband in 2015, by the grace of god, she was able to get ahead of the game with her financial struggles. In five years she has successfully eliminated $25,000 in debt, built her emergency fund and has stopped living paycheck to paycheck. She can show you how she did it!


“Thanks for reading my story! Let’s connect and chat about the book!”

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