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Entrepreneur, Founder of Flourish Bizcenter -- Money Wisdom Coach  

Published Author of the book–‘Pandemic Budgeting & Finances: How to Use Piggy Banks and Stop Counting Sheep’ 

BA in Psychology, a Master’s in Computer

Management, and an MBA.



Reshma has survived several crises in her life, starting from the young age of twelve when she lost her father, and her family went through financial hardships. In her career, she has enjoyed tremen­dous success but also experienced being unemployed and suffered a loss of income. It happened once again after her divorce in 2015. Each time, she bounced back and came out stronger than before. How did she do this?


"If you dont find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work till you die."

- By Warren Buffet


​“Ever since I was in my twenties, I’ve had this gut feeling that one day I would own my own business and travel the world. Today I can proudly say that ‘one day’ has arrived, “says Reshma.

Today she is an entrepreneur who owns several businesses. She is the founder of Flourish Bizcenter, providing financial coaching services; an author; a partner at LegalShield; a partner at Primerica; and she plans to be a real estate investor in the near future.

If she can do it, you can too!

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